Pianist Adam Birnbaum, trumpeter Bill Mobley, saxophonist Dave Rickenberg
Pianist Adam Birnbaum, trumpeter Bill Mobley, saxophonist Dave Rickenberg

Trumpet-Tenor Saxophone Quintet

The inception of the Quintet started with my desire to perform the mostly forgotten music written by trumpeter Kenny Dorham for the quintet he co-led with saxophonist Joe Henderson in the mid-1960s. These compositions, while within the hard bop genre, are not exactly of it. They are different—dark, soulful, sophisticated, highly arranged, and with ingenious motifs and rhythmic devices that make each one of them a distinctive roadmap for improvisation. (Our video of Dorham’s composition “São Paulo” is a good example of this.) Dorham’s neglected masterpieces form the core of the group’s repertoire and concept, complemented by additional compositions by Henderson, Thelonious Monk, Freddie Hubbard, Hank Mobley, Walter Bishop Jr., Billy Harper, and others.


Bill Mobley, trumpet

Dave Riekenberg, tenor saxophone

Cecilia Coleman, piano

Matt Clohsey, bass

Chuck Braman, drums

Alternate Personnel

Alex Norris, Richie Vitale trumpet

Tom Christensen, Rich Perry, saxophone

Art Hirahara, piano

Noriko Ueda, Paul Gill, bass



Kenny Dorham:

Back Road

Brown’s Town


La Mesha

Night Watch

An Oscar for Oscar

Pedro’s Time

São Paulo

Short Story

Sunrise In Mexico


Una Mas

Whistle Stop

Joe Henderson:



Our Thing



Step Lightly

Teeter Tooter

Thelonious Monk:

Hornin’ In



Woody Shaw:

The Moontrane

Theme For Maxine

Various Composers:

Coral Keys (Walter Bishop Jr.)

Crocket Ballet (Billy Harper)

Joshua (Victor Feldman)

Lost (Wayne Shorter)

Pat ‘n Chat (Hank Mobley)

Rio (Wayne Shorter)

Scene (Tom Harrell)

Sky Dive (Freddie Hubbard)

The Black Angel (Kenny Barron)

Waiting For Chet (Hal Galper)

The Sidewinder (Lee Morgan)

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